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(Updated June 2005)
  • Hours worked / 64 Hours                  =  50% of grade                     

o         Extra credit available at 1 point per 4 hours.  Maximum of 10 points of Extra Credit. With approval, hours can be used towards next semesterís class.

  • Wednesday Tech Seminar                  = 20% of grade                      
                • Attendance is required. Points can not be made-up.


  • Semester Project / Class activities    = 15% of grade          
                • Semester projects will be evaluated using a standard rubric. Certification and seminar assignments will be a part of the class activities grade.                                                                
  • TRT Evaluation                                  = 15% of grade

o                     SWAT students will be assigned to a district TRT or other technology leader within each building.  TRTs will evaluate their SWAT using a standardized rubric to asses work skills. 

100-90 A          80-89   B          70-79   C          60-69   D


Contact Dean Smith, the SWAT Coordinator Visit