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SWAT,  Job Description and Student Expectations


Job Description:

                Students will gain professional technology experience while assisting the school district with hardware and software related problems.  The SWAT team students will be able to troubleshoot basic computer problems for their teachers and suggest probable solutions.

                SWAT team members will work with the district Technology Coordinators to install hardware components and client software.  Students will also help with technological instruction of students and staff.

Students will log 64 hours of technology assistance under the supervision of the Technology Coordinators.  SWAT team students will also be required to complete a semester project.


Semester Evaluation:        64 hours                of technical assistance                                                      64%

                                                Attendance at Wednesday Afternoon Seminars                           16%

                                                Semester Project and Class Assignments                                        10%

                                                TRT Evaluation                                                                                   10%


Besides 64 hours of technical assistance, SWAT members will meet with the Technology Coordinators each Wednesday from 6:50 – 7:50 AM or 4:00 until 5:00 PM.  Wednesday seminar time does not count towards the students’ 64 hours.  Attendance is necessary.  If students miss class, they may not make up the points.  Students mid semester grades will be an average of the work completed thus far.

Students will need to keep a journal of their technology assistance time.  During the last five minute of work each day, SWAT team members will need to record in their journal what they did, for how long they worked, the location where they worked, and the total hours worked.  As a professional timecard, students will be expected to both sign their record and to have either Mr. Devore, Mr. Smith, or Mr. Walker co-sign the journal when available.


Student Expectations:


1.                   Students must sign a Prosser School District Computer-Network Use Form.  Students will be expected to comply in all ways with the district code and policy for proper network use.  Students will, in fact, be expected to model proper computer and network use to district students. 

2.                   SWAT students are expected to pass all classes and will be held to the Prosser High School PHS Academic Eligibility requirements.

3.                   Students will work under the supervision of the Technology Coordinators (Mr. Smith and Mr. Walker,) a building TRT, or Mr. Devore.  Students are not to work on their own projects without the approval of Mr. Smith, Mr. Walker, or Mr. Devore.

4.                   Students are ONLY to log into computers using generic accounts such as “student,” “assistant,” “SWAT,” or individual accounts specifically setup for their access.  Students will NEVER use another student or teacher’s logon, even with permission.

5.                   Students may help teachers with minor software and hardware help such as installing printers and changing toner with the teacher’s direct permission.  Students must then ask the teacher to sign their journal to acknowledge that they were requested to help the teacher.

6.                   SWAT members working on Intranet and Internet publications such as a building Web site must follow the standard expectations for mature and professional workmanship as expected of any high school student.  Students will be bound by all of the expectations of any student as defined in the students Rights and Responsibilities of Prosser High School.

7.                   If a student ever finds her or himself in an inappropriate or questionable situation, such as discovering a security hole in a district server, that student must immediately self report the incident to a Technology Coordinator and record it in the class journal.

8.                   No SWAT students are to be in any school classrooms without supervision. This includes all before and after school work.

9.                   SWAT Students may not travel to or from SWAT activities with other SWAT students.

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