Computer Naming
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Computer Naming Conventions

This is the district standard for ALL computers in the district.


  •     Building Initial & Room Location

  •     _ Underscore followed by five digit unique PSDID Number followed by another underscore _

    • Note: The PSDID number will be found on a Scan Bar Code on the Right of the CPU

  •      Up to four additional characters that can be used for unique naming within the room or building such as St01 and St02, L01, or T for teacher, Etc.

  •      Example: Student Computer #1 in Room 101 at Housel Middle School with a PSDID of 12345 would be:

    • M101_12345_S1

  • Building Name Initial:

    • K    Keene-Riverview

    • W    Whitstran

    • M    Housel Middle School

    • P     Prosser High School

    • S    Special Services

    • F    Prosser Falls

    • D    District Office


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