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SWAT TRT Evaluation Form

Student   Date: TRT: Building:

Reliability:     Quality of Work:

Initiative: Work Attitude:   

Note:  SWAT are to check their tickets daily.   If they do not have tickets, they are to work on pre-assigned daily preventative maintenance projects

Please describe current scheduled daily projects:

Undesirable Traits: Discuss with Coordinator:

Traits Tickets Not Updated weekly

Talkative / Disrupts Classes in progress

Frequently Absent 

-Or- Fails to communicate planned absences

Punctuality and Attendance:    Cooperation:

 TRT Evaluation: 30-25 (A)     24-19 (B)     18-14 (C)     13-9 (D)

Additional Comments:                                                       

Contact Dean Smith, the SWAT Coordinator Visit